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Read Our White Paper on RAPID Beverage 

RAPID Beverage, our smartphone centric beverage ordering process is literally blowing the numbers through the roof. Read our comprehensive White Paper which details the amazing results…(password is require; contact us to receive your password today) go to White Paper to read more…

Hey Einstein: Can A Core Competency Improve My Business?

Albert Einstein, the great 20th Century Theoretical Physicist, had one of the best minds in human history.   His theories redefined how science thinks about our universe relative to Space, Time, Gravity and Light.   What may not be known about Einstein (other than his often quoted wit) is that he had a thing for explaining the complex in simple terms.  While Einstein decried the importance of simplicity of expression, he also cautioned that things should not be over simplified.  read more

Facts Are Stubborn Things: Benchmarking For Continous Improvement

Mark Twain, the great 19th Century American Author pretty much nailed today’s common perception on Facts / Figures/ Statistics; they should be subjected to a high degree of scrutiny.   Mark Twain’s timeless observation questioned “facts” as something that can be manipulated.[i]   Wow!  Does that observation seem timely when you look at our modern-day societal landscape?   Who can you trust?  Do mistrust of facts span time and generations?  read more