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A New and Better Way to Deliver Beverages

Metavallo’s Automated RAPID Beverage creates an on-demand beverage environment where customers can order beverages through their smart phones with the entire process managed through logic embedded in Metavallo’s patent pending RAPID Beverage Platform.

For Casinos

Traditionally, a beverage server spends approximately 40% of their shift walking around soliciting drinks. Studies show, when playing slots, up to 33% of customers didn’t even know the server had just walked by because they were focused on their game. Now, with TAP-n-ORDER™, customers can order a beverage anywhere on property with their location automatically determined.

Once they select their beverage, their order is automatically queued by zone and simultaneously sent to the service bar, to prepare the drink, and to the server for pickup, delivery and settlement. The result is satisfied customers, who get much better service, happy employees, who make more tips and increased beverage revenue with reduced labor for the company.

For Bars

Customers can access a full menu through their smartphone and either have their order delivered to their table or, if they’re not seated, pick up at the express service window. For table service RAPID Beverage™ reduces the numer of trips a server has to make to the table and expedites delivery and reorders. For Express Window Service, the RAPID Beverage™ software sends an automated text to the customer letting them know their drink is ready for pickup.

Customers can order beverages whenever they desire

  • Offer a beverage menu as varied or simple as you want
  • Replace hunting for customers with dedicated beverage service
  • The order queuing display in service bars expedite drink production
  • Easy zone (re)assignment through Manager/Supervisor dashboard
  • Full POS Integration through the Server’s tablet allows all transactions, cash and credit, completed directly with the customer upon delivery
  • RAPID Beverage Reporting for better labor management:
    • Total orders per day/shift/zone/employee
    • Average pickup and delivery times per day/shift/zone/employee
    • Automated Alerts sends a text message when delivery times exceed desirable thresholds

TAP-n-ORDER™: A revolutionary new way to order. Specially designed signage, utilizing RFID technology, allows customers to simply tap their smartphone to access the menu with their location automatically determined. Simple and easy, a customer can place their order in under 20 seconds.

*Watch the full RAPID Beverage Process and Reporting Videos (password protected)

*Experience RAPID Beverage Order Demo (password protected)


*If you don’t already have a password please contact us to receive one.