Optimize Your Targeted Marketing Communications

RISE Message

Imagine software that could get your marketing message seen by who you want, when you want and where you want. With RISE Message, your company can create, manage, and deliver high-quality text marketing messages directly to your customers’ smart phones.


Why RISE Message?

Over 98% of text-delivered messages are opened and viewed by customers. RISE Message ensures that your message will reach, and be seen, by the right customers.

The Power of RISE Message For Business

  • Generate user-friendly text message marketing
  • Sync with other RISE and RAPID products to send offers to groups based on Wi-Fi login, time and location
  • Utilize the high-quality MMS format to include bar-codes, photos and other artwork within your text
  • Identify your most effective campaigns using powerful Tableau Analytics
  • Create/manage your text message campaigns based on predetermined criteria:
    • Manage customer groups and segmentation
    • Easily upload pre-designed campaigns
    • Determine targeted delivery through pre-set controls
    • Save campaign templates to use again

The Intelligence Of RISE Message

RISE Message allows for comprehensive reporting. A link to your POS systems allows you to determine responses and revenues. Identify your most effective campaigns through historical performance as well as measure their effectiveness in real-time. RISE Message is capable of reporting both statically and dynamically.

RISE Message Versus Other Direct Marketing

  • RISE Message provides both High Quality Graphic MMS Text or 140 Character SMS Text Messages
  • 98% of Text Messages are opened with 90% opened within 3 Minutes of receipt
  • Open rate for e-mail is 22% while Social Media open rate is only 2%
  • 90% of all customers say their membership in their Text Message Loyalty Program is valuable
  • Text Coupon Redemption rate is 26% which is 10 times greater than printed coupons