Listen to Your Customer’s Feedback

RISE Shopper has revolutionized the traditional mystery shopper system. Instead of the expensive and “outsider” reliant methods of old, we use proprietary software that incentivizes your actual customers to provide you with key information at a fraction of the cost. Accessed through an App on your customer’s smartphone, we make the observation process simple and easy. RISE Shopper manages the entire process, from the customer submitting his/her observation through review with the employee.

Why RISE Shopper is Far Superior

Compared to traditional shopper programs, RISE Shopper has the ability to:

  • Collect actual customer feedback
  • Target the selection process of secret shoppers
  • Use customers already at your property during all shifts
  • Be budget friendly, more efficient and more effective

RISE Shopper provides greater control to the property operators, ensuring a higher degree of buy-in and the ability to address service concerns in real time.

RISE Shopper Software

Our cloud-based proprietary software allows easy management of the entire RISE Mystery Shopper process

The application is accessible via browsers on all Smart Devices. The RISE Shopper Software includes:

  • Real Time Access to Customer Service Data
  • Automated process for:
    • Scoring of Observations
    • Review of Shops
    • Employee Rewards/ Recognition/ Coaching
  • Algorithmic Controls Ensure Data Integrity
  • Auto-Report Generation
  • Automated Email Delivery of Reports
  • Robust Analytic Capabilities