Use Your Business Wi-Fi to Conduct Surveys and Capture the “Voice of Your Customer”

RISE Survey allows you to use your free Wi-fi to generate high response customer surveys, giving you the information you need to gather customer opinion and build customer loyalty. RISE Survey’s patent-pending, cloud-based application requires customers’ survey responses in order for them to access the business Wi-Fi hot spot. An easy and acceptable trade-off by the customer for usage of your free Wi-Fi. The survey, developed and tailored specifically for you, is fast and easily customizable, delivering immediate feedback, ultra-high response rates and instant, reliable data. RISE Survey has full, customizable reporting
including comparisons to benchmarks, customer loyalty level as well as “red flag” alert reports.
RISE Survey For Your Customers

Issuing a simple and easily changeable, two to four-question survey delivered through your customer’s smart device with an extensive response rate, RISE Survey collects key data from customers including:

  • Cell phone number
  • Email address
  • Loyalty club account number
  • Feedback from experience
  • Customer opinion & insight
  • Marketing Data

RISE Survey For Your Employees

RISE Survey allows for rapid communication of company information and training reinforcement for a fun and engaging method to educate your team. Use RISE Survey to issue an employee survey, communicate important benefits and information, gather team member insight and opinion.

The Power Of RISE Survey

RISE Survey gives you the power to:

  • Customize survey settings including the frequency of survey; both issuance and response
  • Access data and other information for immediate use
  • Use auto-generated system reports
  • Receive immediate “Red Flag” notification of negative responses

The Link To RISE Message

We provide you with the ability to automatically link your customers to our powerful marketing campaign tool, RISE Message. When customers “opt in” signing on to your free Wi-Fi, key information including cell number and email address, is collected. RISE Message can then auto-generate marketing messages to your customers based on set criteria such as location, time and loyalty program tier. All easily controlled and mastered by you.

Experience the RISE Survey Demo…

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