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Metavallo is more than a software, technology, or service culture company. Our team is comprised of gaming & hospitality industry subject matter experts coupled with software developers to create solutions specifically designed with you in mind.  We understand the complexity and unique challenges that operators face and address a critical industry need: growing profitability through service excellence. As guest service veterans, we develop products that are transformational. Our suite of software solutions create transparency and accountability in efficacy of service delivery that enable ability to measure performance and identify areas of opportunity for operational improvements.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Metavallo’s fully comprehensive Service Ecosystem provides processes which enable our clients to consistently exceed customer expectations. The Service Ecosystem gives clients the tools to implement and reinforce proven service standards, monitor metrics associated with those standards and solicit customer feedback to ensure the effectiveness of their service delivery. Given todays highly competitive business environment, it’s the delivered experience which differentiates our clients from the competition and creates an advantage to drive customer loyalty.

Enhance Employee Engagement

With many years of operational expertise, The Metavallo Team understands that every enterprise is unique. With this in mind, an integral component within the Service Ecosystem is inclusion. Through a collaborative approach, we ensure that clients entire team has “Skin in the Game”. The Metavallo Service Ecosystem incorporates specific methodology to create and sustain an environment of transparency and accountability. This enables clients to recognize high performers and coach to change the behavior of those who fall below established standards.

Deliver Excellent Customer Service Consistently

It’s not enough to deliver great service, businesses have to deliver great service consistently. Metavallo allows our clients to establish service delivery standards and utilize advanced technology to ensure that they are meeting those standards consistently. If our clients teams deviate from those standards our software sends text alerts in real time to ensure that they return to standards quickly.

Develop a Continuous Learning Culture

Every Operator needs to understand and embrace our shape-shifting business environment. To stay competitive, businesses need to have an open mind and utilize the ever expanding technology to their advantage. Metavallo’s Service Ecosystem helps instill a philosophy of continuous improvement. The core competencies of running a highly successful business hasn’t changed, only the processes of implementing those competencies. Delivering a great product with highly engaged employees who exceed customer expectations is still critical. What’s changed is how our clients deliver on those practices and understanding that customer and employee expectations are constantly fluctuating in today’s highly volatile market.



The Rapid Beverage platform enables an on-demand order environment for your customers to order beverages through their mobile device. The solution is managed through logic embedded in Metavallo’s patent pending Rapid platform.


EDGE is a robust service delivery ecosystem that accelerates business transformation, competitive advantage and revenue growth through customer service excellence.  The EDGE software suite provides companies with a cloud-based guest service, employee engagement and operational efficiency and effectiveness program.


The RISE Toolbox consists of RISE Shopper, RISE Survey and RISE Message which solicits customer feedback and enables two-way dialouge. The RISE software suite allows you to listen to the “Voice of the Customer” and optimize your targeted marketing communications and offers.


Metavallo compliments its customer engagement solutions with leading mobility and cloud networking solutions from Aerohive.  Metavallo is a certified reseller of Aerohive’s managed enterprise Wi-Fi and wired connections.